We'd like to invite you on a culinary journey. We've invited psychology professors, Instagrammers, gastro-chemists and more to answer the questions we're used to asking traditional chefs. And, in the process, discovered new ways of cooking that's both sensational and sustainable. Follow the project on Facebook, for the chance to get tickets for exclusive screening events.

What is Tasteology?

Tasteology is a new documentary that deconstructs taste from a new point of view. We've looked at the science and the experience, not just the flavours and ingredients. And unravelled the relationship between culture, society, science and food through four episodes: Source, Chill, Heat and Experience. So you can be inspired to Take Taste Further in the kitchen and beyond it.

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Meet The Taste Experts

A deliciously different take on taste

With Tasteology, we're bringing you taste from a completely new angle. From psychology to Instagram, we've collected insights from experts across the entire food spectrum. Like Ludwig Maurer, a Wagyu cow breeder. Clued up on all things meat, he'll explain how to preserve its freshness and boost flavour. Now, time to meet all our other fascinating experts...

  • Satchiko and Hisato Nakahigashi

    Foraging trendsetters and chefs from Kyoto, Japan.

  • Mark Schatzker

    Author of The Dorito Effect, a book covering artificial flavouring and America’s health crisis.

  • Tristram Stuart

    A Brighton based author who wants to reduce the environmental impact of food waste around the world.

  • Culinary Misfits

    Berlin-based duo who actively seek out and use the "ugly" produce most would throw away.

  • Hervé This

    Paris-based, gastro-chemist, famous for teaching the world to boil an egg in a dishwasher.

  • Catalina Vélez

    One of the world's most influential Latin-American chefs and huge advocate for cooking with steam.

  • Charles Spence

    Professor of experimental psychology at Oxford whose research focusses on the eating experience.

  • Jozef Youssef

    Creative Director and Chef Patron of the gastronomic project Kitchen Theory he runs with Charles Spence.

  • Jacques la Merde

    A.K.A. Christine Flynn, famous chef and popular Instagrammer with over 125k followers.